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The call about recognition of ‪#‎ArmenianGenocide‬ in Hungarian newspaper @Népszabadság ‪#‎Remember24April1915

‎InHungarian‬, the call about recognition of ‪#‎ArmenianGenocide‬ in Hungarian newspaper @Népszabadság ‪#‎Remember24April1915‬ http://nol.hu/velemeny/az-ormeny-nepirtas-emleknapja-1521689


Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Former European Deputy supports the campaign #Rememeber24April1915 ! And you ?

Adam Michnik, Journalist and former leader of Solidarnosc supports the initiative #Remember24April1915

Nonna Mayer, Director of experienced research at CNRS, President of the French Association of politcal science supports #Remember24April1915 ! And you ?

L’écrivain Marek Halter soutient l’initiative #Remember24April1915 ! Et vous ?

Dario Fo, Writer, Nobel Prize winner in literature supports the initiative #Remember24April1915

L’historien et professeur Pap Ndiaye soutient l’initiative #Remember24April1915 ! Et vous ?

André Glucksmann, Philosopher, writer, essayist supports the initiative #Remember24April1915 !

L’acteur et musicien Yvan Le Bolloc’h soutient l’initiative #Remember24April1915 ! Et vous ?

Pascal Bruckner, Writer, essayist supports the initiative #Remember24April1915 !